The New Leader in Commercial Grade Subscriber Units

The IC-F43TR is the perfect subscriber for PMR and SMR systems. This light weight radio is a heavy weight when it comes to features, allowing you to take full advantage of the options your PMR or SMR system.

PMR systems are often heavily protected against power and other system failures, allowing emergency communications to get through where national carriers fail. PMR systems offer maximum cost effectiveness – pay for the IC-F43TR once, and escape monthly charges. And PMR systems are extremely flexible, allowing you to configure the system according to your needs, not the needs of a distant national carrier.

SMR systems can provide reliable and flexible communications, all at a low monthly cost. Where the cell phone hybrids of many national carriers discourage fleet dispatch (one to many) with their pricing structures, SMR systems are built to optimize fleet dispatch. Often over large areas. And, by design, SMR systems are less likely to be abused by employees. SMR systems offer such advanced capabilities as selective call, caller ID and AVL.


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